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Inter-School Debates

Inter-School Debates Competition was held on Jan 19th, 2008. Students of Class IX-X from PMS Boys-I and Boys-IV delivered their debates.


28th Annual day

The 28th Annual day of PMS was held on Jan 28, 2008. Dr. Jamil Ahmed, Ex-student of PMS was the Chief Guest. Prizes were given away to students in different disciplines. Staff members were also rewarded on best performance.


 French Fries Party

The French Fries Party was celebrated among students of Nursery/Prep in the 2nd week of Feb, 2008.


Result of Annual Exam

Result of Annual Exam, 2008 was declared on March 31st, 2008 and prizes were given away to the position holders in the morning assembly by the principal, Mrs. Rizwana Irfan.


Chart Competition

A colourful Chart Competition was held on April 14, 2008 among the students of Class I-X.


Oath Taking Ceremony

Oath Taking Ceremony of the Proctorial Board of PMS Boys-IV was held on April 21st, 2008.


Handwriting Competition

English and Urdu Handwriting Competition was arranged in the last week of April, 2008. The selection of contestants was done after a preliminary class-wise competition and the succeeding students competed with students of other classes.



Students of Nursery/Prep from PMS Boys-I were invited for a backyard picnic in the last week of April,2008. The kids from both the branches sang and danced and made the day a memorable one.


Cake Party

Cake Party was held in Nursery/Prep in the 3rd week of May, 2008. Students brought their favourite types and shared with their friends.


Competition of Poem

A competition of Poem Presentation was held among students of Nursey-III.


Speech Competition

A Speech Competition was held on the event of Defence Day. Students of Class VII-X delivered speeches in morning assembly.


Competition of Naat

A competition of Na’at presentation was held in the morning assembly among students of Class I-X during the month of Ramazan.



Science Exhibition

Science Exhibition was arranged Sep 22, 2008  among the students of Class VI-X. Students prepared models related to their General Science Activities and Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


Eid Card Competition

Eid Card Competition was held Sep 22, 2008. Students prepared beautiful cards and displayed in their classes as well on the Activity Board of the school.


Quiz Competition

A quiz competition was held among the students of Class I-III. The topic was Ramadan.



Salat-e-Tasbeeh was offered on Sep 26, 2008 (Jumaa-tul-Widah) by students of Class IX-X. The Imam was Hafiz Mubasher Ahmed of Class X-G.


Tribute to the Teachers

Students of Class I-V paid tribute to their teachers by delivery speeches on World Teachers Day.


Qirat Competition

Qirat Competition was held on Sep 27, 2008 among the 18 Huffaz-ul-Quran studying in different classes in Boys-IV. Certificates and prizes were given away at the end of the competition.


Iqbal Day

Speeches were delivered by students on the event of  Iqbal Day  in the morning assembly. They highlighted the contribution of our national poet in the awakening of muslims of the sub-continent.


Result of Mid Term / Detention Exam

Result of Mid Term / Detention Exam was declared on Nov 1st, 2008. Prizes were distributed among students on Nov 3rd in the morning assembly.


Chicken Party

Students of Nursery / Prep celebrated Chicken Party. Being a favourite meal, students brought chicken in different recipes.


Squash tournaments

Squash tournaments were held under the supervision of the international level Squash Coach of PMS Boys-IV Mr. Nasir Hussain in the Sports Week celebrated from Nov 22nd, 08 till Nov 29, 08. Asif Khan of Class VIII-B won the final match after a tough competition with Yousaf of Class VII-G.


Food Festival

Students of Class I – X celebrated Food Festival on Nov 29, 2008. Colourful stalls were set up by the stall holders and students enjoyed the delicious food items sold on these stalls and the beautifully arranged Rocking Show by the Dramatic Society.


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School Toppers(2008)


1st Position

Marks: 771 (85.667%)



2nd Position

Marks: 759 (84.333%)



2nd Position

Marks: 759 (84.333%)




3rd Position

Marks: 754 (83.778%)



4th Position

Marks: 752 (83.556%)



4th Position

Marks: 752 (83.556%)





5th Position

Marks: 751 (83.444%)

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